Your Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Services Are Changing

Employee Assistance Program (EAP) services at Georgia Tech are changing. The University System of Georgia is partnering with KEPRO, a nationally recognized health care management company, to provide new EAP services effective July 1. Georgia Tech currently provides these services through Espyr and will transition all EAP services to KEPRO after this date.

KEPRO’s EAP services are available for all benefits-eligible employees of Georgia Tech and their families. Services include in-person counseling sessions, referrals to community resources, supervisory consultations, crises support, and work-life referrals.

KEPRO’s counseling services enable employees to access up to four in-person counseling sessions (per incident, per year) through a large network of professionals throughout the region, as well as phone support for crises and emergencies. Resources are also provided for a variety of work-life situations such as family caregiving, travel planning, wills, and legal and financial services.

Services are free, confidential, and conveniently accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

If you are currently receiving services through the previous EAP vendor, contact KEPRO at 844-243-4440 if you would like to continue EAP services after the July 1 transition. If the provider you are currently seeing is a part of the KEPRO provider network, you can contact KEPRO on July 1 to secure authorization to continue seeing that provider. If your current provider is not affiliated with KEPRO, a KEPRO representative will reach out to the provider in an effort to continue your services.

EAP services are an additional benefit of working at Georgia Tech. Registration is not required, as employees of Georgia Tech are automatically signed up for this service. For more information, visit

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